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Hello readers (if there are any of you out there),
     I decided to give this whole blogging thing another shot. As I had explained it to a friend of mine, it's like keeping a diary or journal but it just happens to be on the internet. Not necessarily to the general public but accesible to those that care enough to read it (aka me). I was explaining to my friend that I had used it as a way to remember the little things, to remember the feelings associated with things that have happened in my life. They are a person lucky enough to be able to remember things. I just thought that is not fair. I took a break from any sort of blogging because I wanted to step away from livejournal and go do things. Which I did. Fall semester was one heck of a ride a lot of going out and being a college student. For the past semester I have been working my butt off and in that time still having no money because I wasn't typically going out anymore but I just have been embracing fashion and beauty and all that fun stuff girls can get caught up in at an earlier age. I am becoming a person and trying to surround myself around others that were more similar to me. Granted, the differences is what makes things interesting but when you are around people that are more similar to you, you have more fun. Differences are good and they keep things interesting but all the important parts are what make life long relationships, friendships and the otherwise. I better get going still have to clean my room a bit because I won't be home for at least a day. I wish he lived closer to me but things are smooth sailing from here. The funny thing is when I went to first start this post, I was like when was the last time I posted. It was a post from my phone saying he was still sleeping. So here is to the start of more blogging (hopefully).


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